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The artistic effect of calligraphy


As an art form, calligraphy is not only a tool for keeping records, but also has rich image characteristics. Like painting and calligraphy, it is represented by lines, which means that "painting and calligraphy are of the same origin". Calligraphers can give full play to the performance and writing skills of brush and other writing tools so as to be able to write works of various styles, giving people artistic enjoyment and achieving good artistic effects.

Calligraphy art reached its peak in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and today's calligraphy art is inherited from the ancient calligraphy art. However, many excellent ancient calligraphy techniques have been lost. Many calligraphers take it as their duty to inherit the fine tradition of ancient Chinese calligraphy. To appreciate the art of calligraphy, one must have a knowledge of calligraphic style and its origins.

Different from other forms of art, the art of calligraphy is closely related to people's life. From the first day of school, children should learn to write. Beautiful and beautiful writing is not only convenient for study and life, but also reflects a person's moral cultivation and quality. Calligraphy originated from the practice of writing, but it is higher than ordinary practical writing. Among them exquisite and cultural connotation is very rich. It is a typical manifestation of Chinese culture and even Oriental culture. After absorbing the tradition of Chinese calligraphy art, the Japanese put in persistent and persistent energy in the study and study of calligraphy. In order to raise the world's attention to calligraphy, the Japanese called calligraphy "shudao", and published the exquisite prints of famous calligraphers from ancient China and Japan. As early as the beginning of this century, a multi-volume large-scale collection of calligraphers named "Shudao Quanji" was published, from which many contemporary Chinese calligraphers have benefited a lot. In recent years, a variety of calligraphy posters, large calligraphy posters, calligraphy tools, instant calligraphy posters and various calligraphy dictionaries have emerged in an endless array, providing a lot of convenience for calligraphy lovers.


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