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Calligraphy art


The book, is the so-called word as the saying goes, but not the words written by ordinary people, general writing, only correct without error, in the application of no mistakes can be. If libraries and museums keep ordinary people's handwriting, it is not necessary. Libraries and museums are meant to preserve the treasures of words. Original works by famous calligraphers throughout history have many creative or unique styles of writing, which we call calligraphy. Calligraphy is a highly valued art that qualifies for admission to libraries and museums. Chinese calligraphy is a kind of rich ethnic characteristics of traditional art, it is accompanied by the emergence and development of Chinese characters continues today, after all previous dynasties calligraphy masters of smelting and innovation, formed a colorful legacy, libraries and museums today to save it, identify it, its purpose is to make newcomers to better inherit and carry forward the heritage.


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