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About the painting and calligraphy collection


The art market occupies an important position in today's economic market. With the development of China's economy, the strength of domestic art collection is constantly enhanced, the status and value of Chinese painting and calligraphy will be inestimable, in addition to collection and appreciation of the people who are interested in painting and calligraphy, but also as a way to maintain and increase the value of investment. There are similarities and differences between a painting and calligraphy collection and many investments. The key lies in mastering the five basic skills of collecting calligraphy and painting.

First, don't make investments that exceed your capabilities. Act within your means. Especially in the initial stage, caution is advisable. Auction market for the sale of ancient paintings and calligraphy, as little as tens of millions, high as hundreds of millions, billions of billions of, the early beginner had better pay attention to the works of those middle masters, often the price is not high, but good quality.

Second, don't buy controversial works. Because there are many counterfeits in the painting and calligraphy market, if you are not careful enough and buy a fake at the price of the real thing, you will not only lose your capital, but also bruise your own spirit and courage. Ten million cannot careless, if oneself are in when buying on the technology hold inaccurate, can ask expert appraisal.

Third, don't attack in all directions and collect widely. To select a category, or a certain period, a certain subject, a certain school of painting, or even a certain painter's work, concentrate on understanding the market of a certain type or a painter's work, master its artistic characteristics, do have a clear idea, so as to win a certain victory. If you want to be widely accepted, it must have advanced qualifications and strong economic strength, in order to achieve the goal.

Fourth, pay attention to collect all kinds of relevant information to systematically understand and study, such as painting and calligraphy, art investment articles and books, auction catalogue and auction transaction price list, only widely collect information, analysis information, in order to ensure the return of investment.

Fifth, grasp the opportunity to sell. Sell artwork, it is the following vigorous work of artwork investment. The only way to make a profit is to sell. In selling, the market conditions, market trends and their own capital turnover should be considered.


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