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Mr. Wang Lei


Born in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province in 1943, graduated from the former Chinese Department of Hangzhou University (now incorporated into Zhejiang University) in 1967, served as the deputy director of Taizhou Regional Education Bureau in 1980, Secretary General of Taizhou regional Federation of literary and art in 1985, and now the Secretary General of Taizhou senior Federation of literary and art experts.

He is a member and painter of China Zhejiang Zhijiang poetry society. He used to be named Tian Yu, Tian Yu, Tian Fengyu, Wen Yu, etc. his house used to be named "listening to cloud building", "Jiangnan returns to one house", because he is the owner of "listening to cloud building owner" and "Jiangnan returns to one house"

He has been engaged in literature and art for a long time. He has written poems, essays, TV plays and other works. In 2008, he created a long volume of mountains and rivers praising Taizhou. The volume is 31.5 meters long. The idea was completed in 14 years, which is the longest volume in Taizhou.

Since I was a child, I began to study "Mustard garden painting biography" at the age of seven. When I was a university student, I studied art together with painters Zhang Hao and Zhang Weimin. I was taught and instructed by Professor Fang Zengxian of China Academy of Fine Arts (the former Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts) and Professor Li Zhenjian, and then by Professor Hong Shiqing of China Academy of fine arts. And now Mr. Wang Lei's modern long scroll landscape has a style of his own.

174 poems. First of all, I am a scholar

Mr. Wang Lei was born in a scholarly family, and his mother was a daughter of a famous family, which had a profound influence on him. Mr. Wang has a wide range of interests since childhood. He practiced calligraphy at the age of five or six, painted traditional Chinese painting at the age of eight or nine. After graduating from junior high school, he failed to apply to the Affiliated Middle School of Zhejiang Academy of fine arts. However, he never dropped out of the top three of his grade. In the middle school, he even scored 100% in politics and chemistry. At the same time, he was the first group of national level three table tennis players in Linhai.

Mr. Wang Lei was later admitted to the Chinese Department of Hangzhou University. During this period, his name was changed to Wang Lei, which means "if there is thunder, it will rain. If there is rain, crops will grow.". When he was in college, he did two research projects, one was the dream of Red Mansions, the other was the poetry of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. Since then, he began to feel that in Tang poetry and Song poetry, all things can be expressed so well, so artistic conception, and began to write poems by himself.

Since then, his life has gone through twists and turns, but he never gave up writing poetry. Recently, Mr. Wang Lei's "listening to Yunlou poetry" has been published, which contains 174 poems written by him in the past decades. It is mainly composed of seven rules, with beautiful rules and deep artistic conception. There is no lack of "Sima Qinge haunts the plank road, Wenjun's old rhyme comes from Changting" (farewell), which makes people refreshing and deep in aftertaste.

Mr. Wang Lei said frankly that he liked Li Bai when he was young, Du Fu when he was in high school and University, Lu You and Li Shangyin as Jiangnan people, and Huang Zhongze in the Qing Dynasty, Lu Xun and Yu Dafu in the Republic of China, who were poets who used poetry to express their personalities, hearts and feelings.

"For example, Lu You, I admire him for his beautiful poetry and exquisite feelings. When he was 80 years old, he wrote a poem to mourn Tang Wan's "jade bones sink into the earth for a long time, and ink marks lock the dust between the walls"

Mr. Wang said that poetry and painting are together, because people's feelings are three-dimensional. Painting is a kind of fun, painting becomes very happy, poetry can write a few good, and then gradually improve it, they can express people's feelings. He said, but first of all, I am a scholar.

In 70 years,

"I'm from Taizhou. I want to leave something for Taizhou to raise you in society. You have to give something back. A person's spirit and emotion will be satisfied only after you give something back." Having experienced the cultural revolution, reform and opening up, witnessed the wind and rain, vicissitudes and prosperity of our country for half a century, Mr. Wang Lei has his own views on the responsibility of art works and artists.

"Life is like a tree, deeply rooted. Although the branches will break in case of wind and rain, it will not fall. The Impressionism, Fauvism, Dadaism and Cubism of modern western art all have their own roots, such as Picasso's Guernica, which is the vent of the broken homeland in World War II. "

"Taizhou is my root. In my own artistic form, I have drawn the majestic and resolute Taizhou mountains and the broad-minded pursuit of Taizhou water. At the same time, this is a kind of humanistic spirit and a portrait of Taizhou people." Mr. Wang Lei said, "this is also my original intention of creating the song of Taizhou by mountain soul and sea spirit.". Before that, I have been looking for an art form that can express my inner feelings for my hometown. And the long scroll of mountains and rivers is exactly the expression form I found. Our ancestors grew up drinking Taizhou water, and water is the source of life, so the long scroll is to follow the vein of water to describe the thousands of Customs & Manners of Taizhou. "

Mr. Wang Lei not only studied landscape painting, but also oil painting. He skillfully integrated the eastern and Western painting skills and created a modern landscape scroll with his own unique style.

"The long scroll design of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games fully demonstrated the beauty of Oriental Art. At that time, I felt that it was a historical mission to draw a long scroll of Taizhou's landscape. At that time, I was also asked, how dare you draw such a large theme? And I just feel like I did one thing " 

"As for the merits and demerits, there will be comments from later generations." He still said cheerfully.

Four long scrolls depict the grandeur and fortitude of the hometown mountain, the pursuit and mind of water

In 2002, Mr. Wang Lei copied Zhang Daqian's picture of the Yangtze River in a volume of 1800cm in length, which lasted for three months. This is Mr. Wang Lei's first long landscape volume, making technical preparations for subsequent artistic creation.

In 2008, Mr. Wang Lei created a long volume of modern mountains and rivers "praise Taizhou by the soul of mountains and the sea", which is made of paper, color setting, heart painting scale 2455cm * 33cm, with inscriptions and poems, with a total length of 3150cm. Since October 1, 2008, he has been painting for 81 days, and completed his works in December of the same year, which is the first long scroll of landscape painting in Taizhou city. The picture is based on the scenery of mountains and rivers in Taizhou. Taking the "Mother River" - Taizhou River as the main line, the overall concept of the whole volume is divided into two sections, the first section mainly shows the scenery of mountains and rivers in the north of Taizhou. The next section starts from Jiaojiang, a new port city, and embellishes the scenery until the east of Taizhou river flows into the sea. Taizhou is so beautiful and magnificent that you can have a panoramic view. The long volume was exhibited at Taizhou senior artists' calligraphy and painting exhibition in September 2010.

After 2008 New Year's painting "praising Taizhou by mountain soul and sea spirit", Mr. Wang Lei was deeply impressed, so he began to create the second Taizhou landscape scroll "mountain soul and sea spirit calligraphy Taizhou". The composition of this long scroll is similar to "Ode to Taizhou by mountain soul and sea soul", but the content of the picture is richer than that of it. The whole scroll is 2400cm * 20cm.

Last year, Mr. Wang Lei created the fourth long volume of mountains and waters, the "return of  the clouds Yandang Mountain", with a volume length of 2140cm. Mr. Wang said that the creation of the work originated from the work in Wenzhou for nine years, and the experience of having been in Yandang Mountain for seven times.

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